Technical Services

Key Insights uses a range of software packages to assist in completing its projects, including:

  • MapInfo.
    • mapping of facilities, services and amenities;
    • mapping of Australian Census demographic data (from State to CCD level including LGA, SLA, suburb and postcode areas).
  • StreetPro Display.
    • street and facilities mapping (used in conjunction with MapInfo).
  • SurveyMonkey.
    • online survey instrument for assessment of community opinions and attitudes.
  • SPSS (statistical package for social sciences).
  • STAfS (SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys).
    • automated reading and coding of open-ended (text) survey questions.

These packages enhance our ability to produce quality work by helping our clients better visualise the results. Our reports are easy to read and easy to understand, allowing our clients to use them effectively in a variety of contexts such as submission to an approval authority/government agency, in a PowerPoint format at a Board presentation or in a promotion to customers. Whether used as part of a large project or just a small situational snapshot, Key Insights is able to use the most appropriate software package for maximum effect and usefulness.

Examples of uses of MapInfo, StreetPro Display and STAfS

Examples of case studies, uses and outcomes of MapInfo, StreetPro Display and STAfS