The Lupus Association of NSW- Testimonial

The Lupus Association of NSW needed a more structured approach to its planning and budgeting process. Through some patience and good fortune Key Insights volunteered its services to facilitate a strategic plan. “Very few of the Management Committee had ever been through a strategic planning process” said Ben Jackson, Executive Officer. Donna Bain initially spent some time with the Association researching and filling in the background of what needed to be achieved then led the planning process one weekend. “I think it was really important for the Association to put all of its goals on paper and then put timeframes around them for the first time” said Jackson. “It led to a well developed plan of action with a well documented budget sitting behind the plan. Key Insights has really helped the Lupus Association of NSW, for the first time, move forward confidently, knowing what it can achieve within its financial and human resources limitations” he said.